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WWE24 – The Best of 2018 DVD Review – Christopher Cummings

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Since the initial launch of the WWE Network I’ve been on board. A network packed and stacked with wrestling. All kinds of events from history, as well as some lovely modern original programming, one of the best of which is certainly the WWE 24 series.

WWE 24 is a simple concept. A backstage look at various elements of the WWE production, from wrestlers such as Ronda Rousey and The Hardy Boys, to entire events like WrestleMania and RAW, these programs offer an alternative perspective to what we see on weekly television, allowing us a glance behind the scenes and behind the gorilla position to witness what goes on into making a show happen, or what a performer goes through as they head towards a match or a show. These WWE 24 episodes are extremely interesting and entertaining, and this DVD release features four of those episodes.

Here, you’ll find episodes covering WrestleMania in Orlando, as cameras take us backstage during the production of WWE’s biggest, loudest, shiniest and most popular event of the calendar year. This episode is really enlightening, showing us a glimpse of the hype and hectic atmosphere of the event. Very exciting to see.

Another episode covers the 25th anniversary episode of RAW. This was a celebration of a show that took place in New York, and we see what went into making it happen, as well as seeing some of the wrestlers and personalities who made the event a memorable night in RAW history.

Empowered is another episode that looks at the female superstars of WWE and the changes that have occurred to make women’s wrestling a much more well-respected and better promoted side of WWE’s product. Featuring the vast roster of women, we look at the division and the waves these stars are making in the company.

Finally, an episode focusing on the legendary Hardy Boys tag team looks into the career of Matt and Jeff a little, while taking a closer look at their return to WWE, as the cameras follow them on their journey back. Very cool to see.

These four episodes are a great example of how good this program is. Offering a nice mixture, this DVD set gives fans a look at a side of the show we might not otherwise have a chance to see. In an age of reality and peeking behind the curtains of entertainment, WWE are doing something very cool with this series, and it’s nice to see a release featuring some of the episodes. I’d like to see further sets release in coming years too, because this is original content that WWE should definitely continue to produce. An excellent release.


WWE 24 Cameras go backstage and follow the superstars behind the curtain at WrestleMania from Orlando, Florida!

RAW 25

Go behind the scenes at the historic Raw 25 show in New York City as WWE Superstars past and present celebrate 25 years of Monday Night Raw!


Female Superstars are redefining sports entertainment with groundbreaking matches and the addition of Ronda Rousey to a star-studded roster.


The Hardy’s were extreme in and outside the ring, and nearly lost it all. Witness the Hardy’s fall from grace and their ultimate redemption.

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