WWE Legends Gift Bundle - Includes Over 15 items [Hulk Hogan Bandana, Best PPV Matches 2012 DVD set, Temp Tatoos, CM Punk Sweatband Set, Collectables and more]


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Additional information

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Save time, effort and money with a WWE Gift bundle, packed to the brim with over 15 indervidual items!
Inside you’ll find contents that are worth more than £30, instantly saving you at least £15 compared to the cost of buying these item indervidually.
Arrives pre-filled with select official WWE wrestling merchandise and sealed.
Contents may vary slightly to those shown

This bumper gift pack will bring the excitement of the WWE superstars direct to your home. Put a smile on the face of any wrestling fan’s face with a truly awesome gift containing 15+ WWE goodies crammed inside! Includes a Hulk Hogan Bandana, Best Pay-per-view Matches 2012 3 DVD set [rated 12], WWE set of legends badges, WWE Pendant, Assorted Sticker packs, WWE Raw Tag team title belt key chain, CM Punk headband and sweatband set, Assorted WWE collectables and much much more! *Items displayed in the product images may vary slightly however you will receive something equally representative of all the items presented.

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