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Mike Tyson is the special enforcer for a generation-defining match between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin, ushering in The Attitude Era. The Brothers of Destruction, Kane & Undertaker, meet in the first match of their long and complicated history. Plus The Rock faces Ken Shamrock for the Intercontinental Championship and much more!

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6 reviews for Wrestlemania 14 (DVD)

  1. Chad Carpenter Verified Purchase Review

    Altho the video quality is outstanding. The only reason I gave this release 3/5 stars was mainly because of the edited audio. I noticed several time when WWF was mention the F was muted out. Altho the scratch logo is present and they do mention the WWF some times it was muted out. One big editing was when Road Dogg was coming out and said WWF tag team champions the F was muted. So, if you already own the older tagged classics release don’t bother to buy this release.

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  2. Darryl Pearce Verified Purchase Review

    This is one of my top five favourite Wrestlemania’s as it’s where my Favourite Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin wins the WWF Heavyweight Championship For the first time and Iron Mike Tyson was special guest enforcer and he turned on D-Generation X Plus Kane to vs. Undertaker for the first time I watched this when it was on Sky and when it was on VHS as my late Grand Mother brought it for me on VHS so as a lot of memories for me.

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  3. Ross Verified Purchase Review

    This was my first wrestlemania as a kid and I loved every second of it the first meeting between kane and the undertaker a great European championship match and Austin vs Michael’s to own this on single release was something I wished for and now it sits proud in the collection please release other older wrestlemanias they are amazing to own

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  4. frederick clements Verified Purchase Review

    awesome wrestlemania

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  5. Haroon Verified Purchase Review

    Finally a stand alone Wrestlemania 14 dvd so many superstars under one roof, with the likes of Stone Cold, the Rock, Undertaker, Kane, mankind, Triple H and many more and who can forget The baddest man on the planet Iron mike tyson. No insert, arrived within 2 days , no WWF blurring. Recommend anyone to buy this dvd.

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  6. Keith Murray

    Amazing ppv the start of the Austin era began and with kane it made a perfect event

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