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30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Includes: Exclusive Artwork, Mini-Comic & Hand Signed Photo by the Deadman himself! Limited to x500 copies only – pre-order early to avoid disappointment.


Chapter 1: The Greatest Fear

Get a rare and revealing look at Mark Calaway, the man behind The Undertaker, as he prepares for the final match of his storied WWE career against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.

Chapter 2: The Redemption

The Undertaker’s greatest fear is realized as his disappointing performance against Roman Reigns fuels the Dead Man to rebuild and redeem himself in a match against John Cena at WrestleMania 34.

Chapter 3: End of an Era

Fresh off his stellar performance at WrestleMania 34 against John Cena, The Undertaker seeks closure on his 30-year career in a series of matches with the men he respects the most – Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kane. With a dream scenario involving all four Legends at WWE Crown Jewel, the stage was set for The Phenom to ride off into the night.

Chapter 4: The Battle Within

Seeking a storybook ending for his legendary career, the Undertaker’s mental and physical struggles come to a head in Saudi Arabia, with disastrous results. And in the wake of that catastrophe, Mark Calaway makes a major decision regarding his future as the Undertaker.

Chapter 5: Revelation

With The Undertaker seemingly content calling it a career after a successful match at WWE Extreme Rules, the lure of a WrestleMania dream match with AJ Styles brings The Deadman back for perhaps his last ride at The Showcase of the Immortals.


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8 reviews for Undertaker – The Last Ride – Collectors Edition (Blu-ray)

  1. Sandeep Nair

    Great Blu ray.

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  2. Alex Verified Purchase Review

    First of all the Box Set is Great. Well deserved for the Deadman and a great unique Autograph. The Documentary is by far the best what WWE has done in the whole Home Video/Network Life. The Picture Quality is also Awesome and so a very Good work form WWEDVDUK.

    Lets be Honest. The WWE ERA after the Deadman will never be the Same. This Documentary is a MUST HAVE!

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  3. Mark Verified Purchase Review

    Ordered all the way from canada completely worth it your not gonna find takers autograph
    for this price also get that mini comic and the documentary not sure why people complaining we dont get these over here thats for sure also picking up the wrestlemania for stings autograph cannot be happier thanks

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      Hi Mark,

      We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and being so open with us. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

      Have a nice day.

  4. Seth

    This is a great buy for any Taker fan ! The documentary and an auto what a great combo

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      Hi Seth,

      We are very happy to hear your feedback and receive your 5-star review. Much appreciated.

      Have a great day.

  5. nath Verified Purchase Review

    how can people complain when you’re getting all this for 99£ a signing is 200£ and his autograph sells between 150+ on any item and 500 limited these are awsome

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      Hi Nath,

      We really appreciate your 5-star review! It’s nice to hear that you are happy with both the product and the value of it. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      All the best.

  6. CJ

    Great value when considering the signed picture!

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      Hi CJ,

      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us your 5-star review – it’s very much appreciated. We are happy you like the product.

      Have a great day.

  7. A. Brady

    Thank you for getting this out! Amazing value to include Taker’s sig in a WWE Home Video release.

    I grab his signature at the For the Love of Wrestling event in liverpool and it cost me over £200! Great Blu-ray release too!

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      Hi A. Brady,

      Thank you very much for sharing this great review with us and the community. We are pleased you’re happy with the results, it was a pleasure serving you.

      All the best.

  8. Luke Furzer

    Not a knock on the documentary as that was great …..when I watched it on the network.
    I debated getting the collectors edition as was unsure of the real value to it, i felt the signed picture and mini comic added something but was unsure if it was worth the extra £85 compared to the standard edition of which I can watch whenever on the network.

    I put the idea of getting it on the back burner.

    However my wife went ahead and got it for me as a present, all i can say is wwe dvd have done us dirty on this one, the mini comic is extra mini, its about 6 pages that are stapled together which means the quality is low and cost to make was next to nothing. Although the signed card is very cool, the only reason i can think that they can feel right in charging this much for this release is if wwe dvd had to pay £40,000 to taker to get him to sign 500 cards.

    Overall not worth the money especially against the likes of the coffin set that came out a few years ago

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    • offset

      Hi Luke, thanks for your honest feedback. I have forwarded your comments over to the product manager who is in charge of European regional releases (Fremantle Media) as we do not control the release titles here at WWE DVD UK. Please note however that based on the information I have 95% of the cost associated with this title was securing The Undertaker’s hand signature. The cost of a signature from this Superstar is normally over £150, whereas our product is listed at sub £100 with further on site multibuy discounts available. This title is also limited to just x500 copies which makes it extremely rare and will retain it’s value even after sale. Lastly, we understand that the mini comic book was not a substantial offering – however this was intended as a small “value add” to the Blu-ray product rather than a primary feature, being the aforementioned hand signed art card, which is great value to be included with this title. The mini comic books were supplied to us by BOOM Studios and were not printed by us or Fremantle. Lastly, we also included a FREE Surprise A3 pullout poster which we feel more than adequately covers any potential disappointment for the comic book.

      All the best and please stay safe.

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