Attitude Era - Volume 2 (Blu-Ray)


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What does everybody want?

Head to the nearest man cave, give your boss a Stone Cold salute and spend the next six hours watching The Attitude Era Vol.2, the hottest set to be released since Sable’s handprint bikini. If you are old enough to order a Steve-Weiser, “Hello ladies” was your pick up line in college and you loved WWE before “Federation” became the new “F” word, then here is what you need to do. Take this all new collection, shine it up real nice, flip it sideways and stick it straight up… your DVD player!!

Oh, you didn’t know? Volume 2 includes:

30 unfiltered matches ranging from WWE Championship bouts to rare classics from RAW, SmackDown, Heat and much more.

The entire once in a lifetime cast from the rebellious to the demonic, the iconic, and the just plain weird.

Delicious Divas breaking WWE hearts and boundaries.

Vignettes taking you inside the APA’s “office”, behind the Walls of Jericho, aboard The Godfather’s Ho’ Train and much more!

Blu-Ray Matches

Raw – 20 April 1998

The Undertaker Attends His Parents’ Funeral

Heat – 2 August 1998

#1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Kane & Mankind vs. Owen Hart & The Rock

Raw – 3 August 1998

Golga vs. Marc Mero

Raw – 4 January 1999

WWE Hardcore Championship Match

Al Snow vs. Road Dogg

Raw – 3 May 1999

Lumberjack Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock

Heat – 16 May 1999

Gangrel & Christian vs. Droz & Prince Albert

Smackdown – 16 September 1999

WWE Championship Match

Triple H vs. Mr. McMahon

Raw – 27 December 1999

Mark Henry and Mae Young Double Date

Raw – 31 January 2000

The APA Opens Their Doors

Fully Loaded – 23 July 2000

Last Man Standing Match

Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Blu-Ray Special Features

All Aboard

Driving with Mr. Long

Ice Cube

Damn: Look At That Outfit

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