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In a match marked by confusion and controversy, CM Punk puts his 300-day reign as WWE Champion on the line against the one man who embodies the respect he’s been vying for – John Cena. Plus, Sheamus’s dominance as World Heavyweight Champion is in jeopardy as he faces Alberto Del Rio without the use of his signature Brogue Kick. And allies in anger, Kane and Daniel Bryan, challenge WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth.

Six champions will rise or be conquered at WWE Night of Champions!

Also Featuring
Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

United States Championship Match
Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

Divas Championship Match
Layla vs. Eve

Special Feature
Matt Striker interviews Booker T at Night of Champions, 16th September 2012

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  1. Rocco Herzau Verified Purchase Review

    WWE Night of Champions

    Sehr gute Kämpfe sind zu sehen. Ein PPV was sich lohnt anzusehen. Und ein spitzenmäßiges Bild ist zu sehen.

    Zwei dinge gibt es, die mich aber echt stören:
    1. Leider gibt es wieder die Pre- Show nicht zu sehen. Schade.
    2. Die Blu-Ray Hülle ist 15 mm dick. Das nimmt echt jede Menge Platz weg. Würde mich da auf das Format 11 mm freuen. Spart einfach Platz. (das gilt leider für jede Blu-Ray die ich geholt habe)

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  2. Ryan Davies Verified Purchase Review

    Overall a great event to watch, definitely one of the better ones in 2012. The PPV had no real bad matches – CM Punk vs. John Cena stole the show in a hard-fought war of a match, with an interesting ending. Also, The 4-way match for the IC Title was a great way to open the show. The World title match was also very good, and Layla and Eve wrestled a fantastic Divas match, it was interesting to see how far the 2006 and 2007 Diva Search winners have come. Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton was absolutely brilliant – not to be missed!
    Don’t let this one slip by, it’s a PPV very worthy of your DVD collection!

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  3. Christopher Myers Verified Purchase Review

    Night of Champions 2012 starts off with an excellent promo about CM Punk’s hunt for respect and his match tonight with John Cena followed by the usual opening pyro. We see Michael Cole on his own at the announce table and he explains Jerry Lawler’s unfortunate heart attack and that he is now doing well! JBL is announced as Lawler’s replacement for the night to a big ovation.

    Fatal 4-Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara

    The Miz comes out angry about having to defend his championship against three competitors and says he is going to file an official complaint against Booker T before he is interrupted by Rey Mysterio’s theme music; the other two men make their entrances and the bell is rang. We get some enjoyable high flying action in this match as you’d expect with Rey and Sin Cara in the same match together with just one or two unfortunate botches. It’s interesting to note that JBL brings up subjects like Sin Cara’s decorated background in Mexico, Ultimo Dragon and AAA which is highly unusual for WWE commentary but I guess he only expected to be there one night anyway. The finish came when Sin Cara put a mask on Miz, Miz couldn’t see where he was and hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Cody and got the three count. Enjoyable back and forth match with Miz retaining his championship.

    We cut to Eve talking to The Primetime Players backstage while they say they are what the people want, very entertaining tag team! Eve gets called to see that Kaitlyn has been injured and attacked by someone in the hallway. It’s announced that Kaitlyn won’t be able to compete tonight.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

    We have a very entertaining look back at Kane and Daniel Bryan’s anger management classes and what they’ve been through over the last few weeks. The match begins and there is already an argument about who is going to start the match. We have a lot of pushing and shoving between the two until they hug it out and get on the same page. An average tag team match that is more about entertainment than it is actually wrestling. The finish came when Bryan pushes Kane onto Kofi Kingston from the top rope, very entertaining finish to an entertaining match. Imfamously after the match they start arguing again saying “I am the Tag Team Champions!” I’m a big fan of this team and think they are the modern version of The Rock ‘n Sock Connection. We cut to Booker T backstage who tells us that Eve will replace Kaitlyn in tonight’s Divas Championship match. Michael Cole and JBL discuss how WWE has teamed up with Susen G. Komen for the cure.

    United States Championship Match: Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

    Cesaro describes his championship match as unfair in five different languages. We have a look back at how Zack Ryder won the pre-show battle royal to earn his spot in this match. Quite a good match with some good spots including the huge uppercut from Cesaro and Ryder’s reversal of a suplex in a neckbreaker. Cesaro picks up the win with The Neutraliser. This match is evidence enough to say that Ryder is an extremely talented competitor and should be used a lot better than he is in his current position in the company.

    We cut to backstage with David Otunga and Ricardo Rodriguez pretending to have neck injuries with Alberto Del Rio.

    Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Going into this match I think everyone expected an excellent match with the two superstars involved and it didn’t disappoint. The match started off slow but started to pick up a lot with some high impact moves including a huge superplex from the top rope and a hanging DDT from the barricade. The crowd got really into this match with “Let’s go Ziggler” and “Let’s go Randy” chants. Quite a lot of near falls in this match and the finish came when Orton hit a huge RKO to Ziggler. Good solid match as would be expected with these two in the ring together but I really question why Ziggler didn’t get the win over Orton when he’s carrying the Money in the Bank.

    Divas Championship Match: Layla vs. Eve

    Not a huge lot to say about this match; quite a good match as divas matches go with some nice displays of athleticism. The match went a little too long for my liking and the crowd knew it too with chants of “Ole” occuring throughout the match. Eve wins the match and the Divas Championship.

    We get a plug for The Rock vs. John Cena DVD/Blu-Ray. Lilian Garcia shows us some fans in the audience who successfully defeated breast cancer which I thought was a very nice touch. Very funny backstage segment with Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dr. Shelby and AJ with Kane pouring a bucket of Gatorade over everyone and saying he’s going to Disneyland!

    World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

    We have a promo before the match showing us how the Brogue Kick was banned. Booker T comes out before the match and says the Brogue Kick is no longer banned. The match starts and Sheamus immediatly Brogue Kicks Otunga straight off the apron. Interestingly JBL says in this match that Del Rio’s uncle Mil Mascaras is one of the most evil and selfish people on the planet. This match was another match that didn’t have an awful lot to it. It really wasn’t a bad match but that doesn’t make it a good match either. If it wasn’t on the card it probably wouldn’t be missed. There were lots of “We want Ziggler” chants here and I totally agreed with the crowd. Sheamus wins with the Brogue Kick in what was a predictable finish to an average match.

    WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena

    The main event was a match that I personally was definitely looking forward to. These two men gave us multiple great matches in 2011 and if it was anything like the previous matches it would be gold. Going into this match a lot of people thought Cena would be leaving with the championship; he was in his hometown of Boston and he had just become the main guy in the Susan G. Comen/WWE collaboration. The crowd was split in this match as they always are in Cena/Punk matches. This was an excellent back and forth match with Cena even pulling out some new moves. There were lots of near falls with both men hitting their finishers. There was a notable botch in this match when Punk goes for a moonsault and had no chance of hitting Cena even if he didn’t move out of the way; but that may be nitpicking on my part. Punk even hit a Rock Bottom on Cena in this match; foreshadowing a match with The Rock? The finish came out of nowhere with a German suplex to Punk from the second rope; I genuinely believed Cena had won the championship here and was so disappointed with the finish but when the referee took the championship back off of Cena and gave it to Punk it was definitely a sigh of relief from me as I’m a huge Punk fan. Punk ended it all by hitting Cena with the belt and standing above him. This was a really good match but it wasn’t as good as the matches we’ve saw in the past from these two and I think the crowd could have been a lot more vocal but not bad at all.

    Overall I’d say this was a pretty average PPV with some good matches on the card but they weren’t all great matches. There wasn’t a single bad match on the card but there also wasn’t much that was memorable. It is a shame that the PPV is about championships but none of the male singles championships changed hands but again that maybe nitpicking. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about the PPV other than that; the crowd could have been into the matches a lot more and it probably would have made the PPV feel a bit more special but as it stands it’s only slightly above average. As far as recommendations go, collectors will want to pick it up and it isn’t a bad watch, you will probably enjoy the PPV but don’t expect anything special.


    Matt Striker interviews Booker T – An interview that is less than a minute long about Booker T lifting the ban on the Brogue Kick; not at all worth watching.

    Blu-Ray exclusive extras

    John Cena confronts Paul Heyman – A segment from Raw with Heyman talking about how both men’s shoulders were down the night before and even bringing out Chad Patton and showing a fan’s YouTube video of the event. Cena comes out and says the match shouldn’t have just ended with a draw and demands a rematch. Del Rio comes out and demands a rematch himself against Sheamus. AJ comes out and announces a tag team match between Cena and Sheamus vs. Punk and Del Rio.

    Miz TV with Booker T – Miz talks about how he overcame his odds in the Fatal 4-Way Match and how Booker T misses the spotlight without giving Booker a chance to talk. Booker grabs the microphone and brings out Ryback! Ryback comes out and destroys the set.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. R-Truth & Kofi Kingston – A rematch from the night before. This match was a lot more about actual wrestling than the previous match was. This match wasn’t that bad at all but again the crowd was virtually silent throughout the whole match. Bryan makes Truth tap to the No Lock in what was a pretty predictable match. Bryan and Kane hug it out at the end but the arguments continue anyway.

    John Cena & Sheamus vs. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio – This wasn’t a bad match but nothing great or special in it either. Cena gets the pin with the AA but the referee didn’t see CM Punk’s foot on the bottom rope.

    Edge returns to WWE – Edge comes back to SmackDown to plug a show he’s in and talk to Daniel Bryan and Kane about their anger problems. Very funny and entertaining segment and definitely makes you realise how much Edge is missed.

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  4. GLEN BRANDON Verified Purchase Review

    this event for me was awsome from start to end theres nothing badto say about this event

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  5. Evan McFarlane Verified Purchase Review

    With a stacked card, and explosive main event, Night of Champions proves to be one of the best PPV events of 2012. The highly anticipated Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton exceeds expectations, with both men going back and forth until one of the sleekest RKO’s orton has ever pulled off gains him the victory. Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus have the best match in their saga that took place last year, with some excellent in-ring work within and, the dawning of “Team Hell No” is showcased in their enjoyable face-off against Kofi Kingston & R-Truth. what makes this show however, is the main event. In 2011, CM Punk & John Cena put on two of the greatest matches in the modern era, and Cena’s lust for the gold which had evaded him for over a year, would inevitably bring the two biggest forces in the WWE back together in, to put on another masterpiece. The back and forth action of the match leaves anyone watching enthralled, and CM Punk’s dangerous new ally, Paul Heyman, adds another interesting dynamic to the match-up. Overall, Night of Champions boasted a solid card, which undoubtedly lived up to. Make sure you have this one for your collection! (The Blu Ray also has some great extra content from the fallout of the PPV the next night, that’s my format of choice)

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