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For the first time ever, WWE presents the Legends of Mid-South Wrestling. One of the 1980’s hottest territories, Mid-South garnered national attention for its revolutionary storytelling and bruising, athletic matches orchestrated by no-nonsense promoter, “COWBOY” BILL WATTS.

Now, the legends and Hall of Famers who cut their teeth in Mid-South share their tales of the fabled proving ground as we deliver OVER 20 classic confrontations from legends Ted DiBiase, Andre The Giant, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Sting, Muhammad Ali, and many more…


Mid-South Tag Team Championship Match

The Rock N’ Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express

Mid-South Wrestling April 1984

UWF Title Contention Match

Sting vs. Terry Taylor

June 1987

Ted DiBiase gets his tyres slashed

North American Heavyweight Championship

Junkyard Dog vs. Ted DiBiase

Mid-South Wrestling June 1982


Mid-South Wrestling August 1985

Steel Cage Match

Ted DiBiase & Steve “Dr. Death” Williams vs.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts & The Barbarian

Buzz Sawyer

Mid-South Wrestling November 1985

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer

Jim Cornette’s Favourite Moment in Mid-South

Mid-South Wrestling March 1984

Cornette Gets Caked

Mid-South Wrestling March 1984

Bill Watts Needs Help

Mid-South Wrestling April 1984

Bill Watts & Stagger Lee vs. The Midnight Express

Lessons on elevating talent

Dusty Rhodes Travels with Boyd Pierce

Bill Watts tells a story about Ernie Ladd’s Father

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1 review for Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling (Blu-Ray)

  1. Anthony C Verified Purchase Review

    A wonderful legacy about the days of Midsouth wrestling. It was a real pleasure to see and to witness WWE legends in their prime. A superb documentary of stories and a series of matches. Definitely a must buy!

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