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ECW Unreleased - Vol 1 (DVD)


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Additional Information

Additional information

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Full Description

DVD: English
From its birthplace in South Philly to TV, PC and tablet screens around the world, your calls have been answered as EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING returns to home entertainment by popular demand! Dive into the hardcore vault with the long-time unmistakable voice of the Original ECW, JOEY STYLES, who provides new and in-depth commentary for this rare collection of matches NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED on DVD! You’ll shout “OH My GOD!” as you relive some of the best bouts that have been tucked away in the archives waiting to be unleashed…until now. TOMMY DREAMER, TAZZ, SHANE DOUGLAS, SABU, ROB VAN DAM, SANDMAN, and the rest of your favorite Extreme renegades are here on this 3-disc set along with the jaw-dropping mat mastery of DEAN MALENKO and EDDIE GUERRERO. BEST OF ALL, the match featuring TOMMY DREAMER winning the ECW World Heavyweight Championship from TAZZ that WWE legally prohibited ECW from televising 12 years ago is now being made available for the world to see! Matches include:
  • SABU VS. TAZZ - Barely legal – 13thApril, 1997
  • TOMMY DREAMER VS. RAVEN – Hostile City showdown – 15thApril, 1995
  • ECW World Television Championship Match – ROB VAN DAM VS. JERRY LYNN – Hardcore TV – 15thAugust 1998
  • ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match – SHANE DOUGLAS VS. BAM BAM BIGELOW – November To Remember – 30thNovember, 1997
  • ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match – MIKE AWESOME VS. MASATO TANAKA – November To Remember – 30thNovember, 1999

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