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Documentary charting the career of WWE wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. From his beginnings as a manager through his impressive wrestling career, which he only began at the age of 35, Diamond Dallas Page has had a rather varied life which has included creating his own form of exercise now known around the world as DDP yoga. As well as insight into personal stories from Page’s life, many of the most important matches of his professional wrestling career are shown. These include the 1994 Spring Stampede match between Page and Johnny B. Badd, United States Championship matches against Curt Hennig and Chris Jericho, the 1999 Four Corners match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting, as well as the WCW World Tag Team title match in which Page faced Raven and Saturn alongside Bam Bam Bigelow.

Blu-Ray Exclusives

Fall Brawl – September 17, 1995 WCW Television Title Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Renegade

Slamboree – May 19, 1996 Battlebowl Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Barbarian vs. Earl Robert Eaton vs. Ice Train vs. Scott Norton vs. Rocco Rock vs. Johnny Grunge vs. Dick Slater

World War 3 – November 22, 1998 United States Championship Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. Bret Hart

Starrcade – December 27, 1998 Diamond Dallas Page vs. The Giant

Nitro – April 24, 2000 Steel Cage Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett

Raw – June 18, 2001 Diamond Dallas Page’s WWE Debut The Stalker is Revealed


World Championship Wrestling – December 7, 1991 The Diamond Exchange vs. Brian Lee & Chris Sullivan  

Starrcade – December 29, 1991 Diamond Dallas Page & Mike Graham vs. Jushin Liger & Bill Kazmaier

World Championship Wrestling – March 14, 1992 Diamond Dallas Page & Cactus Jack vs. Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham

WCW Saturday Night – December 5, 1992 Diamond Dallas Page, Vinnie Vegas, & Johnny Flamingo vs. Marcus Bagwell, Brad Armstrong, & Johnny B. Badd

Spring Stampede – April 17, 1994 Diamond Dallas Page vs. Johnny B. Badd

Starrcade – December 29, 1996 United States Championship Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eddie Guerrero

Nitro – January 12, 1997 Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mark Starr

Spring Stampede – April 6, 1997 Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage

Nitro – October 27, 1997 Diamond Dallas Page vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

Starrcade – December 28, 1997 United States Championship Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. Curt Hennig

Nitro – January 5, 1998 United States Championship Match Diamond Dallas Page vs. Chris Jericho

Spring Stampede – April 19, 1998 Raven’s Rules Match for the United States Championship Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven 

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  1. Andreas Stamatopoulos Verified Purchase Review

    Diamond Dallas Page is a legendary wrestler and this BR tells his story! All his big moments are here. Great stories and matches. It’s a BR not to be missed!!

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