Bonus Extras / Features Reveal for Undertaker – The Last Ride DVD & Blu-ray

Dear WWE Universe,

Not only will the upcoming DVD & Blu-ray release feature every minute of every episode of the acclaimed WWE docu-series but it will also include the Bonus Animated Episode Tales from the Deadman as well as over 20 minutes of never-before-seen deleted scenes and outtakes!

  • JBL’s Memories of The Undertaker
  • Cryotherapy
  • Stone Cold Respect 
  • Make-A-Wish & Raw 25
  • The Undertaker’s Favorite Opponents
  • What an Entrance!
If you missed out last news update regarding the Exclusive 30th Anniversary Special Edition Blu-ray mini comic book and signed art card artwork reveal you can check it out here

30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray

Includes: Exclusive Artwork, Mini-Comic & Hand Signed Photo by the Deadman himself! Limited to x500 copies only – pre-order early to avoid disappointment.

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  • RuthlessAttitudeEras4Life says:

    Not particulare mind-blowing extras: the unofficial 6th episode was expected.. And we’ll see what those 20-some minutes stories might bring.. Still.. should have been at least one more disc on the limited 30th anniv. imo.

    hell.. even better, make that two discs while we’re at it, throwing in matches + some old-school promos from the Lord of Darkness- Ministry- American bad ass and Big Evil personas, all of where Mark did his best promo-work. (granted, his mic-skills never been the greatest strenghts, but in these eras mentioned he definitely got many awesome intimidating promos, imo)

    I like old-school slow build up for this release, regarding content..hence, with 1½ month still for it to be released, I hope for more..moooore…mooooooooore extras in the veins of what I wish for. 😉

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